The beginners pottery course lasts min.3 days per 3 hours where participants get basic training about materials, handbuilding techniques and throwing on the pottery wheel. The participants work with Masimo or Piero on the pottery wheel from 1-1,5 hours and the rest of the time is individual work. The price includes all needed material and tools and a refreshing drink, coffee or tea. The course can be prolonged another two days with additional payment. The made items can be shipped to the participant after drying and firing.Please contact us by e-mail or phone if you would like to book an appointment.

Price : 1.500,00 kn / 200€


The one day pottery class starts with a tour around the workshop where participants get to know the production process,basics about materials. Masimo demonstrates the throwing technique on the pottery wheel and the glazing process, while Dolores shows you handpainting techniques. Every participant works with Masimo on the pottery wheel while the others learn handbuilding with clay. It is not necessary to have prior experience … just be in the mood to get dirty! Clay needs 2-4 days to dry before going into the kiln. Ceramic needs 2 firings called bisk and glaze firing, so the items will be ready to ship 20 days after the first bisk firing. We can glaze and do the second glaze firing and ship if desired with additional payment. The class lasts 2-3 hours for minimum 3 participants and maximum 6 participants. For less than 3 participants price is upon request. Please contact us by e-mail or phone if you would like to book an appointment.

Price : 450,00kn / 60€

Teambuilding radionice


Teambuilding workshops can take place in our workshop or upon request at another place. The participants choose a theme that has something to do with the vision and mission of the company and then the group is divided into teams. Every team, in a very fun atmosphere, handbuilds a clay item and through this interaction strengthens teamwork. At the end every team makes a presentation of their clay project. The items are then dried in our workshop, fired the first time and upon request glazed and fired second time and then shipped to the company. The teambuilding workshop lasts 2-3 hours.

Price : upon request

Grupne radionice s djecom


Together with art teachers we find a theme that will be the inspiration for the handbuilding workshop. Children are divided in groups and then they create their items individually or as a group. The items are then dried, fired the first time,  upon request glazed and fired the second time and then shipped to the school or kindergarten.

Group workshops with children can take place in our workshop or upon request in the school, kindergarten or other place. The workshop lasts 2 hours.

Price: upon request