Creating with love

A beggining, like many begginings, in the house garage in 1993., on a homemade pottery wheel, Masimo Jenkel started his life adventure …

Getting to know the material and process through many attempts, researching the history of ceramics and contemporary trends, accepting the risks of entrepreneurship – this all led to a product of high quality and a good design that will be a part of your life for many years to come,

One of our visions is the preservation of  traditional crafts so in some of our products we integrate elements from other craftsman that work in wood, glass, wrought iron. Every piece  is a work of art.

Over many years in the ceramic business, we can offer  our clients the service of creating custom made products. In the last 10 years we succefully cooperate with architects and designers on different projects and creating totally new products for the market – based on 3D sketches we produce 3D models, prototypes and molds for serial production. We offer a wide range of clay bodies and glazes that can be used for these products.

We would like to emphasize that our clients can contact us before any order or purchase because we can adapt forms, sizes or colours to particular projects.

Our small production in small series gave us the possibility to create the best product for our clients needs.


Design and make. Show and tell. Be resourceful. Honest. Responsible. Go direct. Use your hands. Mix old and new. Start small. Be human. Grow slowly. Provide jobs. Feed the environment. Be part of the community. Preserve traditional and art crafts. Honor the hand. Celebrate process and materials. Allow them to drive the making of simple, beautiful objects.